Bridging the Digital Divide

20 Nov

Lets Bridge the Digital Divide  is a great video from TEDtalks series website which highlights the strategy of RIA, a community access program in Mexico.

Key points of the video:

  • close to 5 billion people worldwide do not have a computer or access to the internet
  • 30% of the 5 billion are youth (ages 10-24)
  • these people are technologically excluded, meaning they are less informed, less inspired, less responsible
  • internet should be a right *NB: there are 6 countries who have a right related to the internet featured in their constitution*
  • plans such as giving one laptop to each individual would cost nearly $480 trillion dollars, not to mention the environmental waste that would be created
  • By creating a community access center, where multiple people can use each computer, costs of infrastructure and electricity would be diluted
  • It would be naive to believe that someone would become educated by simply touching a computer, meaning content training is needed.
  • In this model, there is a linear process of education starting with learning how to use the computer itself, followed by using the internet and finally how to use office software

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