Why is bridging the Digital Divide so important?

28 Nov

I have talked a lot on this blog about how difference places are trying to bridge the digital divide but I haven’t really taken the time to  explained what the digital divide is and why it is important to close the gap.

The Digital Divide can be described as the gap between those who have access to the internet and ICTs and those that do not. In Canada, as mentioned before, this gap is largely based on income differences. Homeless populations are also included in those who do not have internet access, for obvious reasons. But why is the internet so important?

It has been suggested that people who don’t have access to communication technology may face fewer educational and employment opportunities which will impact on their social and physical well-being. Take a second and think about how much your life now revolve around the internet. Mine relies on it a lot. How did I research the information for this project- the Internet. How will I gather information on and eventually apply to graduate school-the internet. How do I look for a job for next summer to help pay for school-the Internet. My educational and economic possibilities rely heavily on having access to the internet.

A democracy and the people with it, rely on access to information. The internet is the fastest and most convenient way to access information.




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