Saving Canada’s CAP sites

30 Nov

As April 2012, The Canadian government cut all federal funding to community access programs, which provide internet access to those who can’t afford it.

Here is a copy of the notification letter sent by Industry Canada to the CAP programs: Termination Letter

The Canadian government and Industry Canada justified the cuts by stating the program can be terminated because the program had achieved its goal of bring computers and technology to Canadians across the country. Not all people in Canada access in their homes. As mentioned before a fifth of Canadian households don’t have internet (number could be higher considering the survey did not include date from the northern territories). The CAP sites are needed for those who can’t afford the internet.

In Nova Scotia alone there are 309 CAP sites (40 of those are in the Halifax Metro Area). These programs also provide 15 people with full-time employment. These programs are important!

If you feel passionately about the saving our CAP programs please check out: SAVE CAP.  This site has a ready made letter that you can send your MP or your MLA. All the information about your local MP or MLA can be found on this website as well.




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